Full Day Cuts

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      Full Day Cuts is us including every usable moment from your day, big or small, edited into a wonderful story of the event.
      All the footage from your beautiful wedding day edited into one beautiful cut that you can enjoy for years to come.
      (Please see the bottom of the page for more options)

      Thomas + Alyssa
      Full Day Cut

      Dylan + Grace
      Full Day Cut

      Andrew + Danielle
      Full Day Cut

      Other Information

      Full Day Cuts

      Raw Footage Plus

      Raw Footage Basic

      What can I expect form my Full Day Cuts?

      All usable footage is edited to use all the best footage from all the separate cameras throughout the day. It is then Time Synced, and Color graded.

      How long is a typical Full Day Cut?

      Full Day Cuts can range from 30-80mins depending on the event. Ceremony and Toasts lengths effect length of final edit.

      Who is this for?

      For couples who want to enjoy the best moments from the entire event. Typical 5-8min Highlight films can have enough footage to make a 30-80min Full Day Cut.

      How much is a Full Day Cut?


      What can I expect form my Raw Footage Plus?

      All the files, clips, and audio tracks, from all devices combined to one single file.
      No editing or trimming, no time syncing, no color grading is done.

      Who is this for?

      For couples who want Raw Footage Basic combined into a single exported watchable file. No editing or trimming is included.

      How much is Raw Footage Plus?


      What can I expect form my Raw Footage Baisc?

      All files straight from all our devices. Raw.
      No editing, no time syncing, no color correction.
      Some specific files require video software to view or work with files. Expect 100+ (video clips, audio tracks, etc.) files to work with.

      Who is this for?

      For couples who want to edit their wedding footage on their own using video editing software.

      How Much is Raw Footage?