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      Your life and relationship are unlike any other on this earth, and your wedding day is a day that can never again be repeated. We believe in the uniqueness and beauty of your story, and we believe in the joy and integrity of marriage. We are a husband and wife team dedicated and passionate about documenting weddings around the world. We feel privileged to work with couples on the most beautiful day of their lives, and honored to be trusted with capturing moments that will never again be repeated. Our joy comes from seeing every couple we work with relish in the perfect day designed to celebrate their unique and precious love – their wedding day.


      Ashley Rae Studio San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer

      Ashley Rae here, and I happily work alongside my husband, Caleb, running the everyday operations here at Ashley Rae Studio. We are a fine art photo and video team, and he is my better half. He takes care of all the things behind our business that require technical genius and business ingenuity. I am the creative. The inspired artist. I became a photographer because put simply, the first time I took engagement photos for a family friend, I felt my soul set on fire! Ever since then, I have been dedicated to creating imagery through my lens that illuminates human emotions and reveals understated beauty in its purest form. Weddings offer me the most incredible environment to do this, and I feel blessed each day to have a career doing something I love. I value the couples my husband and I work with tremendously and strive to document their wedding day in a way that is timeless and unique to their personal love story.

      Favorite memory from our wedding: There was a moment we sat down to eat our dinner at the sweetheart table. All of the guests at our wedding came to say hi during our dinner and we were able to visit with each and every person. Even though we barely were able to eat our meals, it was worth all the beautiful conversations and laughs we had with each of the people we love! Also, we walked down the aisle to the song, “We are going to be friends” by the White Stripes. Another favorite moment!


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